Born in Novara, in 1982, Alessandro Camano, aka Mr. Kayman, is a complete artist who turns his passion into a profession. From an early age, he showed interest and a marked predisposition for music and show business that was immediately cultivated by his father, a music professor, who was his first teacher.

Alessandro studied music privately and at the conservatoire. He began his career in Holiday Resorts, and later in hotels and ferry/cruise ships, thus maturing his experience and skills in the world of entertainment.

Now he is a pianist and singer, PianoMan and original Show Man, who performs and interprets Italian and international standards and evergreens, some jazz classics, Italian singer-songwriting and swing, which he particularly loves.

His professionalism and artistic ability have led him to perform in Switzerland, at the Casino of Campione d’ Italia, in restaurants and bistrot in Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco) and in America, between New York and New Jersey, where he has been appreciated for his repertoire based on classics of Italian and international music that are re-proposed in a swing key, personalised and enriched with improvisations. His compositions have also proved very popular.

His performances in Italy in 4 and 5 star venues and hotels are not to be underestimated: from Madonna di Campiglio and Courmayeur to Sanremo and Capovaticano, as well as major cities such as Milan and Turin.

Thanks to his special empathy and cabaret experience, Alessandro has also worked as a singer pianist, comic sidekick and TV co-presenter in a music programme produced by a local Italian broadcaster in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

He is a member of the SIAE since 2009, as a composer and author, his music and songs are often used by dance schools to accompany dancers’ essays and exams.

Lastly, Mr. Kayman also collaborates with other musicians, creating duets, trios and quartets to express the passion of his music in its various expressions. He also makes some video clips that are uploaded on YouTube as well as collaborating with various artistic figures such as DJs, magicians, dancers and entertainers for corporate events and weddings.